cathedral - first rendering of three

a first shot at a nightrendering with a full moon shining into the cathedral. maybe i'll add some lights in the second floor arcades when the computers at columbia are accessible again... modeling in such a big file is just no fun without proper computing power.


cathedral modelling finished...

...for the time being. time all over all: 30hrs

cathedral (continued)

after another beautiful sunny day spent indoors at last the ceiling worked out. time all over all: 22hrs


work on my cathedral is progressing...

...but alas! it is slow. on the other hand i should be glad when i think how long it took the original masters to build theirs... :-) in this regard 3 dimensional modeling software is a definite bonus of our time.
the cathedral that i model is based on the one of reims. of course it is only a pale shadow of the original, as time for this first draft is short and i am sadly lacking in original images, measures and plans.
the images shown here will be a sort of work-in-progress posting. here is number one, modeling time so far: 10 hrs.


final review is over

the final review went extremely well and the project was accepted with only minor corrections concerning details. thanks to all the critics and to gordon for organizing the day so well. it was fun...

special thanks to moises and roque who were willing to spend some of their own precious time to appear in my movie and to gregory and kimon who went so far as to get up early in the morning for some shots at lever house. you rock! :-)

the images are (except for the first one) movie stills, so please overlook the crappy quality...


roque and his critters

this is roque, one of my fellow students from spain. his drawings are famous in our studio...


when tech is getting bad...

...it is usually while trying to do movie stuff some days before the final critic on a pc instead of a mac. i normally hate macs with a passion, but for the editing of movie footage it just can't be beaten. i remember having the same problem of fuzzy aliasing while exporting my timeline to .mov in switzerland at the eth zuerich two years ago and i was pretty sure that the problem would be solved today as everybody seemed to have it. but no such luck for me... :( so: if anybody out there knows any clever tricks, drop a comment, i'll be sure to include you in the final credits. :)


interesting post concerning hernan diaz alonso

i just found through a link on ezios blog an article concerning hernans work on ps1. i recommend strongly reading it, it's definitely worth the time...



comments now enabled for everyone

thanks to jan and ulrich who made me aware of the fact that i had goofed up the comment settings. now everybody can post comments,not only other bloggers. the nice side effect is that now i know who else is blogging... :-)


impressions from nyc / part 3: glow

impressions from nyc / part 2: gothic ny


topological mutations: exhibition model

impressions from gordons office

impressions from studio on the morning of the day we submitted the competition entries