"medusa" board

hi guys,

the "design your ride" competition is over but that doesn't mean it's over for the board: some of you asked me whether the board would actually be available after the contest, to which the answer was that it would be if it was one of the top five. i now found out that there might be a possibility to get the thing produced anyway (sadly without the free sample for me - hope i win the next time... :-) ) and to buy it regularly. whether it can be produced would depend on the actual interest in the board. i hope i get some info about the approximate cost which i will post here as soon as i know it. so if anybody is interested in owning that board just send me an email at gawain@gmx.ch or drop me a comment here.


epiphyte studio IV


design your ride competition

hi guys,

the competition ended (you can see the results on the page where you voted: www.designyourride.com) and i came out 10th and 30th. it seems that they just made up a weighted average of all the votes, but still I am a bit confused about the low ranking considering how you all voted. thanks again for the support, you guys rock!


as an afterthought: it seems that i upset at least somebody - in the comments of the post "athens XIV" an anonymous hero vented his anger - somehow cute.


amendment: i just emailed with ken rossi from kasei sports and he looked up the results whether there had been issues with votes for the boards. in the first ten places there seems to have been no irregularities this year so that i am happy tenth place now that i know that no votes were lost! :-) or as the sticker on my school mate ulrichs ski jacket would read: "well done earthlings, next time you win!"


where are the people?

in my images from athens there are no people – buildings empty, places vacated, not used any more. houses and temples that look either just left by the occupants or like they were never really used. fragments of what once was with no trace of life to sustain them. what rituals were performed in the holy places of antiquity, what languages spoken on the ancient marketplace or on the gathering place on top of the hill? i will never be able to guess, it is gone, left are empty shells. so I become empty too, wandering between the remains and documenting what is left without giving or asking a reason. for what will be left when all the symbols shatter? where will the people be then?


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