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Anonymous Anonym said...

i actually cant believe you came 10th in that competition for sticking a fucking photo of a stone face on a board

it's insulting to the people who came below and who obviously put in real effort.

but, such is life, the cheapskates get ahead while the grafters get fucked over.

i sincerely hope you dont get a big head over it

4:53 vorm.  
Blogger Nummer 5 said...

how nice and brave to post anonymously if you have nothing else to say. i actually did not like the winning boards, but that is a matter of personal taste and style. so why are you so upset? if you would be so nice to reveal yourself and maybe to show your board design there could be a discussion, otherwise i will consider the argument closed.
and by the way: a good photo can take days to make and to learn to photograph takes years. the decision to use a photo instead of a drawing was a deliberate one - I do both.

12:09 vorm.  

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