design your ride competition

hi guys,

the competition ended (you can see the results on the page where you voted: www.designyourride.com) and i came out 10th and 30th. it seems that they just made up a weighted average of all the votes, but still I am a bit confused about the low ranking considering how you all voted. thanks again for the support, you guys rock!


as an afterthought: it seems that i upset at least somebody - in the comments of the post "athens XIV" an anonymous hero vented his anger - somehow cute.


amendment: i just emailed with ken rossi from kasei sports and he looked up the results whether there had been issues with votes for the boards. in the first ten places there seems to have been no irregularities this year so that i am happy tenth place now that i know that no votes were lost! :-) or as the sticker on my school mate ulrichs ski jacket would read: "well done earthlings, next time you win!"