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after spending five hours in the night downtown being harrassed by security guards of different corporations and being watched in an unfriendly way by police officers i gave up on getting the images that i wanted on that site. i still don't understand the fetish they have about tripods - well, of course everybody with a tripod also hides a rocket launcher or an equally easily available and conceilable M60 in his backpack - but be serious: how obvious can a government be in its tries to create paranoia in its citizens? if you are in danger of being arrested because you are carrying a tripod its not such a big step to being arrested for wearing the wrong t-shirt design, having the wrong haircolor or just "behaving suspicious". i am truly worried for this country which was once friendly and welcoming (and still is in places).


Blogger Ulrich Janus said...

Yesterday I took the train from Coventry to Oxford. At the top of the stairs there was a sign "Don't run!". Since the
Brazilian incident

such a message has a slightly disturbing

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Blogger Ulrich Janus said...

Looking at the layout I maybe should do without links in comments.

6:37 nachm.  
Blogger Nummer 5 said...

As far as I am concerned you are doing just fine - if nobody comments I welcome certainly comments with links, even if they are a reading experience... :-)

Greetings from over the pond


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Blogger Nummer 5 said...

and by the way - you are the only one commenting and I really appreciate it! Hope to see you on christmas.


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