competition - voting phase

this is the page with the instructions for voting on my snowboard designs at the "design your ride" competition. please vote for both of my designs with a "5" voting, i need 300 votes with high scores of 4 or 5 (but better go for the five! :-) ). to vote follow the next steps closely:

go to www.designyourride.com and register

after registering log in and go to the following links to vote or look for the boards displayed above ("medusa" and "alpha strain").

design #1 (alphastrain): http://www.designyourride.com:80/dyr/faces/vote.jsp?id=170
design #2 (alphastrain): http://www.designyourride.com:80/dyr/faces/vote.jsp?id=171

once you are on the page for the single board please vote with a voting of "5".

very important: please vote and register only once!

(and of course only vote for me... :-) )

as i said before i need 300 votes and i would appreciate your help very much. the voting only commences for six further days, so please take the 5 minutes it takes and vote very soon! if the page does not load immediately please retry as they experience heavy traffic and are sometimes a bit slow with the loading of the site.

if you like to send the link to my blog with the instructions how to vote on to friends that would be awesome! thanks to all who vote for me and let's see that board on the road to winning!