studio "guggenheim utopia" I

the studio design revives the defunct notion of a monumental guggenheim museum for new york city. this time the place for the design is governors island in the direct vicinity of manhattan, renamed "utopia". the task is to design an iconic building that has "[A]rchitecture" with a capital a written all across.
the method of working in reinhold martins studio this semester is supposed to emulate the workings in a "real" office with pressure of time and quick decisions.
thus far i have come up with three related schemes of how to tackle this problem but none of which satisfy me. of course they could be built and of course i could come up with reasons why it has to be designed exactly in this way and not another, but i am tired of bullshitting myself and others. if i present a design next week i want to really stand behind it and be able to declare it as my own truth concerning the question at hand.
in the following i will post the images created for the first three pinups, and yes, i made them black/grey by design, and i also can render high gloss with screaming colours, rippling water and sky if i want to. it just happens that i chose not to.