fundamentals of digital design / 3dmax class

topology of mutation seminar / pieces of the final animation

the following stills are pieces of the final animation sequence for the seminar "topology of mutation" with hernan diaz alonzo. the quality is not very good as they are taken out of an early draft run of the render sequence that was assigned to me by our group. other members of our group are olympia mitakidis, nir rothem and kimon veneris.


panel for the landmark competition


impressions from nyc / part 1

most of the pics are from a trip to midtown when i was looking for sites for my studio project. the traffic light and the statue of liberty came in for no special reason, they are just typical new york and i have no extra posting for them yet.

first entry / documenting nyc

i thought about documenting my stay in nyc by way of this blog because time is becoming a rare commodity now. writing emails can be fun but sometimes it just gets a bit repetitive. so here we go, after this text there will probably be more images than words... have fun.